Closing Your Store

General Manager
2021-05-19 07:34

Closing your Store

If you want to close your eZaango Store we will refund the remaining balance, less a $10 processing fee.
Credit card payments will be refunded to your credit card. Direct credit or cheque payments will be refunded by direct credit. You'll need to provide your bank account details. If your payment was over $500.00, we may need additional information from your bank. If you want to talk to us call us at 1300 696 698.

Export my Financial Transactions

You can export all your data from eZaango account into a file. To do this click on “Export my eZaango Account” link. Then you would be able to choose the type of transactions you would like to export and the time period. You can choose to export all transactions, or debits or credits. You can also select which credits you would like to export. The file will be exported in CSV format (comma separated values). This format is compatible with spreadsheets and most other programs that allow data imports. If you are looking for account statement or a period dating back more than 60 days or for more than 2,000 transactions, you can request an Account Summary.

Account Summary and Invoices

You can export most of your records yourself, including:

  • Your sales history of the items you currently have on the site or the items you have sold on the site dating back 45 days.
  • Products from your my Products Page.

To request an account summary, send us an email and we'll be in touch. Please include the information you require and the time period.

How do I get my invoices?

We provide invoices at the end of the month. To view or save the receipt:

  • Go to your eZaango page.
  • Click on Invoices tab
  • Click on Print Invoices receipt next to the month you are looking for.
  • Print or save the receipt.

We provide one invoice at the end of the month, which reflects all the fees, incurred during that month.

Want further assistance?

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email us at: [email protected]

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