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2021-05-19 07:41

Payment Details

About eZaango accounts

eZaango operates pre-paid accounts for all registered members. Any fees you incur on eZaango are deducted from your account. You should maintain a positive balance in your account. If your account has a negative balance you won’t be able to add the new listings.

You cannot use the funds in your eZaango  Account to pay for goods you have purchased on eZaango . These funds are only used to pay for service on eZaango , such as features and listings. We won’t process any amount lesser than $20.

Crediting your Account

  • Credit or debit card online: All the payments made by credit or debit card online are processed through a secured and encrypted connection. These will appear on your eZaango  account immediately and can be used to pay for eZaango  services. 
  • *eZaango  does not store your personal credit or debit card information.*
  • Credit card over the phone: We always prefer making payments online which is the fastest and most secured method of topping up your account.
    However you can also credit your eZaango  Account by calling us at 1300 696 698 and your credit card payment would be processed over the phone.
  • Cheque: You can top up your eZaango  account by sending us a cheque. It can often take a few days for this to appear on your eZaango  account as we are reliant on postal services.
  • Bank Transfer: You can top up your eZaango  account by depositing the money directly into our bank account. We will credit your eZaango  Account as soon as we see the money in our bank account. Generally it takes 24 to 48 hours. Our bank details are as follow:

Please do not send cash – cash payments will NOT be credited to your eZaango account.

*Paying directly online into your eZaango account would be highly recommended. This is the fastest and most secure method of topping up your account.*

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