Account Summary & Invoices

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2021-05-19 07:42

Account Summary and Invoices

You can export most of your records yourself, including:

  • Your sales history of the items you currently have on the site or the items you have sold on the site dating back 45 days.
  • Products from your my Products Page.

To request an account summary older than 45 days Click on the link below:

Request Account Summary

How do I get my invoices?

We provide invoice at the end of every month. To view or save the invoice:

  • Go to your eZaango page.
  • Click on Invoices tab.
  • Click on Print Invoices receipt next to the month you are looking for.
  • Print or save the receipt.

We provide one invoice at the end of the month, which reflects all the fees, incurred during that month.

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