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General Manager
2021-05-19 08:10

We recommend that members become authenticated to prove they are serious about trading. You must be authenticated to sell though it is not compulsory. Authenticated members have red stars beside their name and get 1% discount on commission on sales.

Used in combination with a member's feedback, authenticated traders are more trusted than non-authenticated members. The number of stars next to a trader's name represents their feedback rating.

To become authenticated seller at eZaango you need the following documents:
• Australian driving license or copy of your passport for Photo Identity
• Proof of address – This could be your utility bill
• ABN certificate
• Credit your account at eZaango account with a minimum of $20.

The money credited to your eZaango account is used to pay commission on sales, or promotional fees when you list your products. If you don't sell anything this money remains in your account until you use it or decide to close your account.

Accounts left inactive for 18 months are closed automatically and any remaining credit may be forfeited. We'll send an email prior to this, giving you the opportunity to keep your account active.

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