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General Manager
2021-05-19 04:12

eZaango does not arbitrate in Reputation & Comment Policy.

Although certain exceptional circumstances will result in Comments being removed - Comments will remain a permanent part of your eZaango record. You can be held legally responsible for damages to the trader's reputation under Australia law. So keep your Comments factual.

eZaango will only remove comments where it breaches our terms and conditions of comments. Comments that are over 30 days old will not be reviewed by eZaango Comments will be edited or removed if:

  • It contains swear words or vulgarities*
  • It contains defamatory statements as to the character of the individual*
  • The customer placing comment has been permanently removed from eZaango for misbehaving
  • The Comments refers to any ongoing investigation by eZaango , the police, or any other authorised party
  • eZaango is ordered by a valid court order to remove comment

*eZaango reserves the right to determine what is considered swear words, vulgarities or defamatory statements.*

As mentioned in our Code of Conduct, members should not place retaliatory feedback. If you believe you have been the target of retaliatory or abusive feedback then please let us know. 
Report unfair feedback form.

Transaction Policy

If Seller wants to review their invoices and account summary then they can easily get the invoices for last six months and account summary for last 45 days. For viewing invoices older than six months there would be a charge of ($3 per invoice). One invoice will be one month’s calendar transaction.

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